Oziel Law is Featured in Athennian’s Case Study on Automation and Entity Management

Being among Athennian’s early adopters, Allan Oziel and Yonida Koukio spoke to Athennian about automating workflows to increase efficiency and profitability. They discussed how the cloud-based and user-friendly platform assists with corporate maintenance, entity management, document automation, and structuring new corporations. By reducing the need for tasks such as manual data entry, the automation has streamlined processes, allowed for a focus on client strategy, and has enhanced accuracy and cost-effectiveness to both the firm and its clients. Allan and Yonida also discussed their plans to expand the use of Athennian to offer clients more streamlined and cost-effective services.

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About Athennian: Athennian is a modern business entity and subsidiary governance platform that powers teams to be transaction, audit, and compliance-ready. Legal, finance, and tax professionals use Athennian to automate workflows for ownership, governance, tax, and corporate compliance. To learn more, visit them here.