Web and App Terms and Licensing

We are all used to agreeing to online-based terms and conditions. These terms are often referred to by various names including: "Terms of Use", "Terms of Service", "End-User License Agreements" and "User Agreements". While many people scroll right past these agreements, they form the relationship between the software provider and its users. We prepare custom agreements that are specific to your business and industry.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

We work with you to determine the business rationale for per-user licensing, usage-based restrictions and other important considerations.

Console and Mobile Games

We prepare tailored gaming terms for console gaming, online battle play and eSports.


In addition to e-commerce terms that are specific to your products, we can help prepare shipping and return policies.

Mobile Apps

Prepare mobile application terms that place appropriate restrictions on users, sharing of data and other important considerations.

Privacy Policy

In addition to software licensing, we also prepare compliant privacy policies that reflect the ever-changing privacy regulatory landscape.

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Not sure of what type of license you need? Contact us and we will walk you through what license terms your business requires.

Software License Details

The details matter. Here are some of the factors that can affect how we draft your terms.

Cloud v. On-Premise

There are major legal differences between licensing access to software through a web browser and providing a license to install and use software locally on a computer.

SaaS v. Perpetual License

Determining the pre-agreed upon Service Levels for a SaaS service is as crucial as determining license transferring, updates and support for perpetual license software.

B2B v. Direct To User

Consumer privacy laws, potential loss of business due to unexpected downtime and corporate client structures require both kinds of agreements.

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