How Governments Are Reacting to ICOs

by Dunny Medina on December 3, 2017 No comments

This article originally appeared on Coindesk.

There are certain seismic disruptions to the natural order that force governments around the world to pay attention and react quicker than the tools of governance ordinarily allow.

Epidemics, terrorism, nuclear energy, world war and now…blockchain technology. Specifically, initial coin offerings (ICOs) are making governments itchy.

If you are trying to keep up, you will be very busy and very confused. Each week seems to bring another pronouncement from yet another country. Big or small, everyone has something to say. We’ve heard from behind the veiled curtain of mega-states like Russia and China, and we’ve heard from the neighborly nations like Canada and the Isle of Man.

The message is far from clear. While many nations can stand united on challenges like melting ice caps, they’re a bit more baffled with crypto.

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Dunny MedinaHow Governments Are Reacting to ICOs