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The intangible assets of a business are often as valuable (and sometimes more valuable) than its tangible assets. Our Intellectual Property lawyers and trademark attorneys and agents can help you understand and assert your legal rights to protect the intellectual property of your business.

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Protect Your Trademarks to Increase Your Brand Value

Protecting your brand through the registration of trademarks gives you exclusive use throughout Canada and defence against infringers
Brand Name

Words used to identify your business/products.


A catchy phrase that differentiates your business.


A design, which can also include your brand name.


A unique mode of packaging your products.


A sound that distinguishes your products or services.


Any combination of words, designs, sounds, colours, etc.

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Trademark Registration Process

Our trademark lawyers will help you through every step of the application to make sure your trademark is registered correctly and quickly.
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    We recommend conducting a trademark screening search to determine the likelihood of success in your trademark application.

  • 2


    Our trademark lawyers will draft compliant trademark applications that correctly identify your goods and services.

  • 3


    We will be your representatives before the Trademarks Office and will report updates and correct minor concerns without charging additional fees.

  • 4


    Once the application is approved, it will be published in the Trademarks Journal for 2 months. We will notify you of any third-party oppositions.

  • 5


    We will complete the registration on your behalf at no additional charges. You will then receive a certificate and an official registration number.

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    We can use your Canadian trademark application or registration as the basis for an international application. You can choose between 122 countries where you’d like to protect your mark.

  • 2


    We recommend conducting trademark searches in the countries you are planning to apply for a trademark.

  • 3


    We file your international application with the World's Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). WIPO will examine the application and, if approved, will notify the offices of the countries where you wish to have your protected.

  • 4


    The Intellectual Property Offices of the countries where you want to protect your mark will make a decision within 12-18 months. We will notify you of any decisions and advise how to proceed.

  • 5


    We will complete the registration on your behalf at no additional charges. You will then receive a certificate for each country you applied to.

Additional Intellectual Property Services

From strategic advice to the enforcement of your intellectual property rights, our Intellectual Property lawyers will work with you on a range of services to protect your intangible assets at quoted flat fees whenever possible.

Strategic IP Counsel

Oziel Law understands the value of strategically protecting your brand and intellectual property, including through social media and domain name protections.

Intellectual Property and Licensing Agreements

We ensure your intellectual property and confidentiality are protected in your commercial, confidentiality, non-disclosure and licensing agreements.

Copyright Registration

While copyright is automatic in Canada, registration can serve as evidence of such copyright. We help our clients with the copyright registration process.

Trademark Monitoring

Registering a trademark is only the first step in protecting your brand. We offer Trademark Watch services to monitor your marks and ensure you can identify and act against infringements in a timely manner.

Patent Management

We have relationships with affiliated patent agents and can help you manage your patent application, prosecution and registration.

US Registrations

As Canadian trademark attorneys and agents, we assist clients with all aspects of Canadian trademark registrations. We are also recognized to file trademark applications in the US on behalf our Canadian clients.

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