Public Market Transactions

Going public gives access to the world of capital markets and media attention. Whether you are an underwriter, issuer or investor, we offer tailored services to meet your business needs and partner with you to facilitate transactions through both public and private capital markets which best achieve your business objectives.

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Types of Transactions

We advise on fundamental public transactions. We partner to make a big impact.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

We advise and facilitate initial public offerings and follow-on offerings in a wide range of industries.

Reverse Takeover (RTO)

Conduct a reverse merger with an experienced securities lawyer to best suit your company's current state of development.

Capital Pool Company (CPC)

Set up public shell companies to complete qualifying transactions while receiving support with ongoing compliance requirements.

Public Company Counsel

In addition to public company transactions, we provide the following:
Capital Markets Regulatory Compliance

After going public, we can help manage the company's periodic reporting and other public disclosure obligations.

Corporate Governance

We can help set up vital internal mechanisms to maintain good corporate governance practices.

Incentive Equity Plans

We will help the public company establish and manage incentive equity plans.

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