Yonida Koukio Speaks at the Toronto Economic Forum on Taking Companies Global

Our associate Yonida Koukio spoke at the Toronto Economic Forum on “Taking Companies Global” alongside Nikos Koumettis, President of Europe, The Coca Cola Company; Alex Seimanidis, Founder, B2B Wave; Michael Lagopoulos, Deputy Chairman (Retired), RBC Wealth Management; and Vasileios Tsianos, Director of Corporate Development, Neo Performance Materials.

The panelists discussed the challenges faced by Greek companies expanding internationally, as well as their advantages in competing in a globalized, complex market. They also spoke about investments opportunities and potential technology exchange between Greece and Canada.

The conference was co-organized by Delphi Economic Forum and Enterprise Greece SA, in partnership with The Hellenic Initiative Canada, and in association with the Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade and the Canada Greece Chamber of Commerce.