Document Management Capability in new Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple wrapped up its October keynote where among the big news, a new, slimmer, thinner iPad was introduced. Perhaps an even larger announcement was that Apple was going to provide its latest operating system, Mavericks OS X for free. In addition to a number of updates that effectively catch the Mac OSX to its mobile device counterpart iOS, Mavericks also introduced a new feature that can become extremely relevant for lawyers.

Mavericks introduces “Tags”, which effectively allows a user to add colour coded and customized “tags” or properties to documents. You can add multiple tags to same document. Lawyers that do not wish to implement a fancy document management system could choose to organize their documents by these tags. For example, a corporate agreement may have the tags “corporate law” and “contract”. You can then parse through your documents to find documents that have the tags that you are requesting.

Apple’s addition of the “Tags” feature is another step away from the traditional “tree” file structure and a move towards a more flat file structure.