Legal Software for Mac – Doo – Free Mac Document Management App

While many consumers have flocked to Apple computers and devices, the legal community continues to lag behind due to the unavailability of equivalent legal and office software, and a general unwillingness to change.

Practice management and document management solutions have typically been desktop applications, but recently many cloud providers are allowing their packages to be accessed as a “software as a service” (“SAAS”). SAAS is typically accessed through an internet browser. There are of course advantages to using SAAS, but some firms and users still prefer desktop solutions.

Doo, is a new (and currently the #1) Mac App available in the Mac App Store. The purpose of Doo is to organize your documents and e-mails. The App allows you to add custom “Tags” or labels (such as document types, people, places and sources) to effectively give you an easy to use document management system. Sole practitioners and small law firms may wish to consider using this App to improve their knowledge management and keep track of precedents.

The App also allows users to sync with their cloud storage providers such as Dropbox or Cloud to avoid duplicate documents.