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Whether we are representing a startup venture or an established business, our Canadian venture capital and financing lawyers take the time to learn and understand your goals in order to provide the most cost-effective legal solutions.

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    Capital Raising and Financing Legal Services

    Our Trademark and Intellectual Property Lawyers Will Guide You Through All Of Your Busines Law Requirements.
    Capital Raising for Startups

    We assist startups in structuring capital raises and effecting the closing in an efficient manner.

    Pre-Seed SAFE and Convertible Note Financing

    We can help you navigate the selection of a SAFE, KISS or Convertible Note offering for your pre-seed financing.

    Navigate Complex Preference Share Financings

    Whether you are raising a seed round, Series A or later round, our team can help you navigate the complex terms of a preferred share offering.

    Cap Table Modeling

    As part of structuring your capital raise, we will help you model a cap table that can plan for future rounds, effects of dilution, and how to negotiate terms with potential investors.

    Investor Materials

    We will help you review your pitch deck materials to minimize risk and maintain confidentiality.

    Closing your Private Placements and Public Offerings

    Our team uses the most modern and efficient methods of facilitating closings to ensure that you spend more of your time and money on what matters.


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