Saas, Software and Mobile Applications

Oziel Law has a broad practice assisting, early-stage, mature and everything in between software-centric businesses. We help entrepreneurs build their business by providing advice based on our deep understanding and experience in the market.

We have started our own technology startup so we understand what matters to you most and the advice you need

Technology Rooted

We understand pressing issues facing software businesses and what needs to be done to tackle legal risks so you can focus on executing your vision

Cost Conscious

We understand your needs so we provide flat-fees and affordable hourly rates for our services so you receive real value from the work that we do.

Our Lawyers Have the Expertise and Understand the Trends

We work with technology companies developing cutting-edge products every day so we know a thing or two about adding real value to our clients. Whether its negotiating agreements or ensuring regulatory compliance, our lawyers can recognize your needs and deliver.
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Oziel Law negotiates and drafts any and all kinds of mobile, SaaS and software licensing agreements. We know the terms you need to protect your business and expand your software's reach.


Tech is migrating to SaaS, we draft all of the agreements you need to get your offerings there.


Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, API Terms, Marketing and content issues are just some of the matters we can assist you with.

MSAs / SLAs / Support

We have expertise drafting all forms of service and support agreements that include the latest market terms.

  • 1

    Developing Your Software

    We help protect your intellectual property, validate your rights and assist in determining that you have the correct commercial terms.

  • 2

    Commercializing Your Software

    Whether it is partnering, distributing or licensing your software, we structure and negotiate to get you what you need.

  • 3

    Selling Your Software

    We've guided many clients through transaction negotiations, deal terms and compliance advisory, covering all aspects of M&A transactions.

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  • Big Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Joint Venture
  • Software Commercialization
  • Managed Services Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Open Source
  • Partnerships
  • Service Level Agreement


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