Oziel Law is proud to partner with MaRS Discovery District to offer legal services to the startups of the MaRS community from their inception up to their capital raises and exit. MaRS is North America’s largest innovation hub dedicated to supporting Canada’s most promising startups.

As part of this partnership, Oziel Law is proud to offer MaRS startups with exclusive discounts and opportunities for blended rates. In addition, eligible early-stage startups may participate in our Startup Program, which includes legal services related to corporate structuring and required agreements.

Our services are highly tailored for high-growth startups to ensure investor-readiness, and attract exit opportunities.


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    Our Startup Program Includes

    Value at a Discount

    Eligible startups can benefit from our Startup Program, which includes the required documents and agreements to properly structure your company and attract investments, as well as additional services at a discount for a set period of time.

    Access to Perks

    In addition to the required documents to get started, you will also have access to perks and offerings through our firm such as our networks of partners and accelerators.
    - Flexible Payment Plan
    - Introduction to our partners
    - Promo and discount codes to popular startup services

    Tech Law Expertise

    We specialize in business and technology law, which means we are able to provide services in the areas of business structuring, intellectual property protection, technology contracts including SaaS and app terms and conditions, as well as startup-style capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and go-public transactions.

    Access to North American Markets

    We help our clients understand more than just the law. We assess your needs and guide you towards the resources you need to successfully grow in Canada.

    Industry Expertise

    Our clients are in diverse industries, including: blockchain, fin-tech, NFT, gaming, AI, food-tech, cannabis, e-commerce and more.

    Additional Legal Services

    Our bundle of services, as described below, is designed for high-potential startups aiming at accelerating their growth, ensuring their investor-readiness and attracting exit opportunities.
    Incorporation and Business Structuring

    • Startup Formation and Structuring
    • Founder Agreements
    • Reverse Vesting Agreements
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Employment and Contractor Agreements and Stock Options Agreements and Plans

    Technology and IP

    • Trademark and Brand Protection
    • Terms and Conditions for SaaS, Apps, Games, and E-Commerce
    • Privacy Matters
    • Technology Service Contracts

    Capital Raising

    • Private Placements
    • SAFEs
    • Convertible Notes
    • Offering Memoranda


    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
    • Capital Pool Company (CPC) Formation
    • Reverse Take-Over

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