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Our Corporate Solutions subscription is a versatile service bundle addressing corporations’ diverse compliance and annual maintenance needs. Whether your requirements are straightforward or involve intricate elements like option plans and cap tables, our tiered subscriptions offer tailored solutions at every stage. Enjoy the convenience of accessing corporate records seamlessly through a live electronic system, facilitating easy sharing with stakeholders. This holistic approach not only streamlines your corporate processes but also helps in anticipating challenges like dilution, ensuring you’re well-prepared for potential capital raises or exits.

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$59+ HST $599+ HST
/month (1 year term)/year
Basic Annual Compliance Requirements including Annual Returns and Resolutions
Resolutions for the declaration of dividends (non-eligible/cash dividends)
Maintenance of Electronic Minute Book
Basic Corporate Changes
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$129+ HST $1299+ HST
/month (1 year term)/year
Everything Included in Basic
Cap Table Preparation and Management for up to 50 stakeholders
Tracking Vesting Schedules
Facilitating Option Grants and Exercises Pursuant to Option Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these services include Corporations holding annual general meetings?

Holding annual general meetings is not included in the subscription. This would be quoted and charged on the basis of our hourly rates.

2. If I pay the monthly subscription fee, can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel at any time. However, given that the work covered under each tier takes place on a yearly basis, any notice of termination will be effective as of the end of the then current 1-year term for the subscription to the Basic Tier or the Premium Tier.

3. Do these services include the preparation of Bonus, Capital, and Eligible dividend resolutions?

This service does not include Bonus, Capital, and Eligible dividend resolutions. This would be charged on the basis of our hourly rates.

4. What is required for the facilitation of Option Grants and Exercises?

To facilitate Option Grants and Exercises, an existing Option Plan is required.

5. How can I subscribe?

To subscribe to our Entity Management Services please contact us at to get started.


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