IRAP IP Assist Program

You may be eligible to receive up to $30,000 in funding to offset costs associated with IP-centric legal services.

The Government of Canada is providing small-to-medium sized Canadian businesses with funding to establish and commercialize their intellectual property rights. This funding can be applied to legal services that help preserve and protect a business’ intellectual property assets.

Need assistance navigating the proposal process? Looking for help to offset legal costs associated with the protection and commercialization of your IP? We're here to help.

Assistance Drafting a Proposal for Legal Services

Legal Tools to Protect and Establish Your IP

Strategize Your Growth

Expert Advice from IP Professionals


Looking to engage legal expertise through the IP Assist program? Let us know about your needs and we will contact you for a free initial call.

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    How the IRAP IP Assist Program Can Help Support Your Innovation Through Legal Services

    Legal Services Made Accessible Through this Program

    Look to the future. We can work with you to create an IP strategy that considers best practices for the development and enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

    Competitive Analysis

    Brand focused? We can determine whether third parties are actively using similar marks and provide guidance on how to prevent others from using branding that is similar to yours.

    IP Audit

    If you don’t know, now you know. We can help you understand your rights to your intellectual property assets, and determine whether any agreements entered with third parties, such as contractors or co-founders, have consequence on your business’ ownership of IP.


    Good things are meant to be shared – but you can decide how. IRAP funding can be used to create licensing terms. Let’s discuss how you intend your IP, such as branding elements or software, is to be licensed to end users and partners.

    Expert Advice

    Lean on our experience. Whether our work treats past decisions or future ambitions, you can rest assured that we are well positioned to advise you according to your business' specific needs.

    Have Questions?

    Tell us what you or your company require assistance with. Our legal team will be in touch shortly.

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