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Startup and Business Lawyers that Understand Your Business

Whether we are representing a start up venture or an established business, our affordable Toronto business lawyers take the time to learn and understand our client’s goals in order to provide the most cost-effective legal solutions.

Our Corporate and Business Law services include:

  • Business Formation

    We will help you select the best method of forming your business. If you choose to incorporate, we can help you understand differences between incorporating in various jurisdictions and extra-provincial registration requirements.

  • Business Organization

    We will help you select the best corporate structures (share structure, board of directors and appointment of officers) and tailor your corporation to ensure it fits your business needs.

  • Shareholder Agreements

    We take the time to explain complicated concepts such as vesting schedules, reverse vesting, inactive shareholder buybacks and shotgun clauses in plain English. Let us know your shareholder or partnership requirements and allow us to draft customized shareholder agreements, partnership agreements or joint venture agreements to fit your requirements.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Share and Asset Purchases)

    Are you buying or selling a business? From conducting initial due diligence to closing the transaction, we utilize modern technology advances to simplify the process. We have acted for clients in the purchases and sales of small and mid-size product, service and franchised businesses.

  • Business Contracts

    During our initial consultation, we will identify the business agreements your business will require. We’ll explain the importance (and difference) between employment agreements and contractor/consulting agreements, identify any standard contracts you should develop for your business (e.g. services agreements, sales agreements, leasing agreements, product manufacturing, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, etc.). We also help our clients review contracts they were presented with to ensure their protection.

  • Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents

    We act on behalf of several food-based franchisors. From the development of franchisor agreements and disclosure documents, we can help you understand how to progress your business from corporate owned locations to the creation of a franchised system.

  • General Corporate Counsel

    Let us be your external “in-house” counsel by providing your business with general corporate counsel and helping your business remain compliant with general and industry specific legislative requirements.

Technology Startup Companies

While we act for medium size businesses and the corporate legal departments of large organizations, we have developed a specialization and affinity for working with start-up companies, particularly in the technology sector. We will help a start-up determine the optimal method of formation. If we incorporate a company, we will utilize attractive share structures to encourage future financing. In the tech sector, we help our clients understand the value of contractually clarifying the ownership of the intellectual property that is being developed through the use of contractor or software development agreements. We will help our clients understand when their IP should be further protected.

We help you build the foundation of your start-up to ensure its “attractiveness” to potential angel and institutional investors. Finally, when your business is primed for a financing, we can help prepare term sheets, subscription agreements and additional debt instruments to raise money for your business.

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