Corporate Compliance

Helping Ensure Your Corporate Compliance

Compliance refers to the organizational goal of ensuring personnel comply with often complex regulatory and legislative requirements. This goal can be difficult to achieve when the natural focus of a business is on day-to-day operations. Oziel Law can help your business keep up to date with the latest laws, regulations and best practices. We offer a monthly Legislative and Jurisprudence Update memorandum that is customized for your business to ensure your compliance.

In addition, we can work with your business people to develop corporate policies or implement compliance programs. Our programs are designed to encourage compliance throughout the organization and include:

  • The creation of a compliance network made up of key business personnel
  • Setting up a whistleblower hotline
  • Leading ad-hoc committees on the implementation of legislative compliance initiatives (such as complying with customer service standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the new Canadian Anti-Spam legislation).

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