Anonymous Defamation on WeChat

by Allan Oziel on December 18, 2015 No comments

WeChat is an extremely popular social media application in Asia and in asian communities in Canada, however, there is a growing number of users who are falling victim to anonymous defamation on the social media platform. I wrote about the issues and potential strategies for those who have been defamed for the Chinese Newsgroup newspaper and website.

The article has been translated to Chinese and can be viewed by clicking here. An English version of the Article will be posted on the Oziel Law Blog shortly.

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Allan OzielAnonymous Defamation on WeChat

When Should You Trademark?

by Allan Oziel on December 15, 2015 No comments

I get asked this question all of the time. It’s a loaded question.

Back in an earlier blog post, I explained what a trademark is. Essentially, a trademark could be a word, slogan, design or even a sound that distinguishes the goods and services of one business from those of other businesses. The reason why the question is loaded is because the common law affords certain rights to those who “use” a mark and have “become known” for that mark in relation to goods and services. Therefore, even without applying for a registered trademark, a user of such marks will be afforded some rights.

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Allan OzielWhen Should You Trademark?

Hackathon Terms

by Allan Oziel on November 6, 2015 No comments

I was recently asked to prepare Terms and Conditions for a Hackathon. For those who don’t know, a Hackathon is basically a competition/event where the participants are asked to develop a piece of software under certain conditions (often within a one or two day period) that meets the theme of the competition.

Sometimes the Hackathon is sponsored with the intent that the entry will be owned or licensed by the sponsor.

When preparing Hackathon terms, you will want to make sure that you address the following:

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Allan OzielHackathon Terms

What is Key Person Insurance? A Brief Note

by Allan Oziel on July 9, 2015 No comments

When drafting Shareholders Agreements with clients, we often explore whether the corporation should consider taking out Key Person Insurance or whether we should create a requirement to obtain this type of insurance in the Shareholders Agreement.

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Allan OzielWhat is Key Person Insurance? A Brief Note

“Doing Business” – Untangling The Complicated Extra-Provincial Registration Requirements

by Allan Oziel on July 2, 2015 No comments

I often get calls from clients asking what they require in order to do business in a particular province. Often these questions come from international clients who wish to do business in Canada, but we also have questions from businesses who operate in a particular province but wish to “do business” in another province.

Unfortunately, the quick answer is the dreaded “it depends”. Typically, to “carry on business” in a particular province in Canada, you need to be incorporated in that province or have a business license to operate in that province. If your company is already incorporated in a different jurisdiction (another province or foreign country), then you would need an Extra-Provincial License.

But what is considered “carrying on business”? Each province has legislation (whether their corporate statute or a specific extra-provincial corporations statute) that provides a definition of what is considered “doing business”.

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Allan Oziel“Doing Business” – Untangling The Complicated Extra-Provincial Registration Requirements

“Cyberbullying Law” and How It May Affect Your Business – Posted on

by Allan Oziel on January 30, 2015 No comments

I wrote a brief summary of the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act (which some have referred to as the “Cyberbullying Law”) for You may be surprised to find that new lawful access provisions can affect your business.

You can view the post in its entirety by clicking here.

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Allan Oziel“Cyberbullying Law” and How It May Affect Your Business – Posted on

Brief Note for VoIP Providers – CRTC Requirements

by Allan Oziel on September 3, 2014 No comments

Many businesses are taking advantage of the competitive pricing available when using virtual or hosted PBX voice-over IP (VoIP) telephone systems. Rather than buying a super-expensive and bulky PBX system to store in-house, businesses can outsource their telephone requirements and obtain robust and advanced telephone systems at monthly fees per line or extension. On the flipside, many existing telecom companies and opportunistic entrepreneurs are looking to enter the VoIP market place.

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Allan OzielBrief Note for VoIP Providers – CRTC Requirements

Hosting Data in the Cloud – Privacy Review

by Allan Oziel on August 29, 2014 No comments

More and more businesses are considering moving their storage of data to the cloud. As Jason Segal pointed out in a recent movie – NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THE CLOUD!

What we do know is that cloud storage often provides a cheaper, scalable alternative to businesses investing in their own data storage infrastructure. While there are many benefits to using cloud providers, it is important to understand the risks involved. Some of the risks include:

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Allan OzielHosting Data in the Cloud – Privacy Review

CASL Phase 2 – Prohibition Against Installation of Unwanted Computer Programs

by Allan Oziel on August 6, 2014 No comments

Many of us were working hard to become compliant (or get our clients compliant) with the July 1, 2014 deadline imposed by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) for compliance with the prohibition against sending unwanted commercial electronic messages. While July 1 has come and gone, many are now scrambling to untangle Phase 2 of CASL – the prohibition against the installation of unwanted computer programs.

The computer program provisions of CASL will come into force on January 15, 2015. A date otherwise known as “pretty damn soon”.

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Allan OzielCASL Phase 2 – Prohibition Against Installation of Unwanted Computer Programs