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Software End User License Agreements

by Allan Oziel on August 27, 2013 No comments

Quick. Which of the following terms does not refer to a type of End User License Agreement?

1. Click Wrap
2. Browse Wrap
3. Saran Wrap
4. Shrink Wrap

That’s right, while (so far) there is no such thing as a Saran Wrap Agreement, the other three phrases are commonly used to describe License Agreements that are presented to the End User in different manners.

While it is outside the scope of this blog post to explain the difference between these types of Agreements (maybe a future post), when drafting EULAs, it is important to know how the Agreement will be presented to the End User. Will the end user receive a box of software? Will the end user have to accept the license online? Will their acceptance be assumed by virtue of their use of the technology online?

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