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Just Like Ibaka! Supreme Court Rejects “Let’s Go Thunder” Copyright Claim

by Allan Oziel on May 30, 2012 No comments

Last night, the hyper-athletic and talented Oklahoma City Thunder fell prey to the majestic passing and wizardry of Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs to drop to 0-2 in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals. The Thunder will return home on Thursday for Game 3 in OKC where they will rely on their passionate home crowd to will them to victory in what is surely a must win situation for them.

In addition to the usual scoring from their big-3 of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, the Thunder will need stellar defence against Tim Duncan by the combination of Serge Ibaka and the scowl-faced Kendrick Perkins.

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Allan OzielJust Like Ibaka! Supreme Court Rejects “Let’s Go Thunder” Copyright Claim

Complying with Ontario’s Accessibility Standards

by Allan Oziel on May 29, 2012 No comments

The Ontario government continues to be a leader in the development of accessibility standards to improve the lives of Ontarians with disabilities. The government enacted the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act in 2005 (“Act”). The Act is a framework for the development of mandatory standards of accessibility that businesses and organizations will have to comply with to adequately identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.

Accessibility standards will relate to:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Employment
  3. Information and Communications
  4. Transportation
  5. The Built Environment
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Allan OzielComplying with Ontario’s Accessibility Standards

Jeremy Shoots for Linsanity

by Allan Oziel on May 25, 2012 No comments

Jeremy Lin became an international sensation when he became the New York Knick’s starting point guard in early 2011. During 12 starts before the All-Star break, Lin averaged a ridiculous 22.5 points and 8.7 assists, leading the Knicks (playing mostly without star Carmelo Anothony) to a 9-3 record during that time. His success led to many media outlets referring to the Jeremy Lin phenomenon as “Linsanity”, clearly a play on the phenomenon known as “Vinsanity”, which was used to describe the attention Vince Carter received when he was playing at an incredible level for the Toronto Raptors. Lin, Harvard graduate, was quick to understand his limitless marketing potential. Lin was not only the starting point for the world’s largest market in New York, he is also of Asian-American descent, a devout Christian, and by all accounts, a pretty nice dude.

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Allan OzielJeremy Shoots for Linsanity

Canadian Banking Association Releases Voluntary Mobile Payments Guidelines

by Allan Oziel on May 22, 2012 No comments

Mobile payment systems (also known as mobile wallets) are an emerging and exciting technology that could change the way many companies do business and the way that many consumers make purchases. With mobile payment systems, consumers can use their mobile phone to pay for goods and services, rather than traditional cash and credit methods. There are various models of mobile payment systems including direct mobile billing, mobile web payments and near field communication (NFC) which permits consumers to “tap” their phone onto a reader module to make a payment.

While the concept of mobile wallets appears to be primed for take-off, there are a number of logistical, security and privacy considerations that continue to arise. Despite these concerns, financial institutions and payment companies have continued to progress with attempting to bring these technologies to the mainstream. Recently, Mastercard released PayPass Wallet services, an all encompassing service including PayPass online, PayPass Contactless (based on the NFC technology), PayPass Wallet and the PayPass API.

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Allan OzielCanadian Banking Association Releases Voluntary Mobile Payments Guidelines

Welcome to the Oziel Law Blog

by Allan Oziel on May 17, 2012 No comments

Welcome to the Oziel Law Blog!

The goal for this blog is to provide interesting, useful and entertaining information and commentary as it relates to law, technology and business.

If you have a topic that you would like me to write about, please feel free to contact me through the various methods listed on the Contact page of Oziel Law. Feel free to join in on the conversation by leaving a comment or by tweeting me.


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Allan OzielWelcome to the Oziel Law Blog